Corona Virus (COVID-19)


What is it?
Increase your immunity to the COVID-19 virus and to rid yourself of the fears of the coronavirus outbreak.  Our testing indicates that the emotion of fear is responsible for susceptibility to contracting the COVID-19 virus itself. Not everyone gets it, do they? Fear is a major stress, and stress lowers immunity. This MP3 file works on both the Mind and the Body.

If you are panicking because you are afraid of getting COVID-19 you will love this MP3 file. Just make sure you use it correctly. One of our users from S. Korea, who has posted a testimonial about his experience with the effectiveness of AFT, summarized his reaction to our COVID-19 formula as follows: “Thank you very much. Here Korea is full of fear. I feel relieved.”

How do I use it?
Play the MP3 file minimally once in the morning and once evening.  You should start feeling less afraid the first time you play the file. YOU CAN PLAY THE FILE AS MANY TIMES AS NEEDED TO REDUCE YOUR FEAR. Repeat playing the file daily for 3 months or until the outbreak is over.  If you do contract the virus the symptoms should clear in 2-3 days. If you have the infection, it could remain dormant and with minimal symptoms, and then you can get an exacerbation if it finds its way into the lungs. You will probably be capable of spreading the infection for a couple of weeks . Self quarantine during this period.

Make sure you use the correct external speakers, or an emitter, when playing this file.  If you do not use the correct speakers and stay within 5′ (1.5 meters) of the speakers or 40 feet (15 meters) of the emitter you will not receive the benefit of the tones. See our article “How to use AFT treatments”.

We advise that you purchase an emitter, put it on your computer, or other MP3 playback device, and play it 24/7 until the COVID-19 epidemic is over for at least 1 month. There are reports of people being reinfected weeks after having been believed to cured. Using an emitter or portable Bluetooth speaker with our cell phone allows mobility.

You should use other forms of protection too. Be smart. Always practice good hygiene.  Wash you hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before touching your mouth, face, or eyes.  These are the most likely entry points for the virus. The virus is airborne, and can be contracted from another person’s breath or touching objects that have been exposed to their cough, breath. or saliva.  Sadly, even being licked by a dog who has previously licked someone who is infected can pass the COVID-19 virus.  The virus is reported to live on surfaces for as long as 14 days, and it is possible to be infected or re-infected by these surfaces. Hand washing is the best way to prevent infection and reinfection. A 20 second wash with simple soap as water is better than Purell or any other hand sanitizer, and much less expensive. Simple soap dissolves the COVID-19 virus. In the 20 seconds it takes to build up suds on your hands viruses are gone.  Not dead, dissolved.  Gone. Kaput.


Be considerate, cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze. You may not even know that you are infected, and spreading the virus until up to a week after you are infected. Cover your mouth. Be considerate, don’t put others at risk! You must do your part to help in the fight to stop COVID-19 from spreading.

You may have heard that our body’s immune system can over react to the COVID-19 virus and wind up attacking organs like the lungs and kidneys, and causing blood clots, This reaction is one of the reasons the elderly and people with “preexisting conditions” frequently die when infected with COVID-9. Search our product list for CYTOKINE and you will find a formula that we have had available since 2003.

Sorry, but the Cytokine Storm formula is not for free. Everyone wants everything for free. Our site is about helping people, but we cannot exist without at least some sales.

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