To deal with psychological issues like Depression, PTSD, and Grieving we refer you to our sister website Acupuncture4TheMind. The Acupuncture4TheMind site introduces Attractor Field Therapy, the Mind changing aspect of the Attractor Field Techniques. It is full of articles you may enjoy.

Attractor Field Therapy (AFT) is a 21st Century path to change. It blends new discoveries about how the Mind works with concepts from the great thinkers in Psychiatry and Psychology like Freud, Jung, and Maslow; the Philosophical insights of Plato; the ancient teachings of Buddhism and Hinduism; the latest insights into consciousness from Quantum Physics, and wraps them the enlightened teachings of Dr. David Hawkins MD, PhD.

AFT creates changes in your awareness and experience of life not by changing your thoughts and behaviors, but rather changing the emotions that attract and delimit what goes on in the theater of your Mind.

This site offers streamed narrated files that have our copyrighted tones imbedded behind the narration. Each file takes less that an hour to complete, but can be used as many times as desired for one week. Must users get rid of PTSD, Depression, or Grief after listening to the narrated file one or two times.

Here is a link to various testimonials: