Using the AFT treatments

     If you do it, do it right, or it won’t work! There are some [...]

The Origins Of The Attractor Field Techniques

By the Grace of God In our ancient past mankind was graced by God with [...]

Experimental Study: AFT Pain Control In Mice

Replicated Experimental Results: Attractor Field Techniques for Pain Control in Mice. Ebert, R.K., and Schwarz, [...]

Health, Personal Reality, And Consciousness

Health, Personal Reality, and Consciousness R. K. Ebert PhD. © 2006 The Tree of Life [...]

A Fresh Look At Stress And Illness

No one can avoid aging and the decline of our physical and mental abilities. Aging [...]

What Research Shows About Stress And Illness

WHAT RESEARCH SHOWS ABOUT STRESS AND ILLNESS Traditional medicine views illness through the eyes of [...]