Kidney Failure

I am writing to thank you and tell you about my incredible success using your mp3 titled Kidney Failure. I had not been to the doctor for years and they took my blood pressure and it was 220/140 and they promptly admitted we to the hospital to stabilize it. During the hospital stay they did many other tests and set me up with an internist who told me that I was on the verge of kidney failure and may have to be put on dialysis. My fiancé had heard about your website from a friend and went to your site and ordered the mp3 for Kidney Failure.

I listened to it as instructed and when I went back to the internist after another set of blood tests he said that I had “marked improvement” in my kidneys function and was out of the “danger zone” of having to go on dialysis. I’m positive the regeneration in my kidney function came from listening to your mp3 as I could almost “feel” positive things happening in my kidney area. I did a visualization of them getting better as I listened to the vibrations from the mp3. Thank you so much for giving me my healthy life back and not having to even think about going on dialysis. God bless you and keep up the great work. I’ll be ordering the mp3 for the high blood pressure soon so I can get off of the prescription medicine which I know isn’t healthy for me.

Thanks again for the “miracle”!

Christine Maciolek, Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

Just a little feed back, had a colonoscopy a couple of week ago, the results were great doctors very happy.

But the best thing they said was I had a couple of small Hemorrhoids..I questioned what constitutes small as mine were large, hurt and bleeding. Then I checked.. they had nearly disappeared. 

My arthritis is very manageable and my will power is getting better. As for the other things, varicose veins are not hurting, menopause is getting better, less hot sweats. 

So a VERY BIG and sincere thank you. 


Gayle De Faveri

In the past two weeks, the free leg and foot pain formulas worked extremely well for 2 clients with phantom limb pain such that they did not requires medication.

Nathan Greengus, PT

Had tried everything for ibs and was at the end of the road nothing worked however aft did and i am so very grateful to Dr Ebert for making AFT available.

Linda M.

Good evening, I am very thankful for this Priceless Pet CD; my animals benefit greatly, particularly my 13 year old feline challenged by health concerns since kitten hood.

Susan G.

AFT is the BEST (and easiest!) healing modality. Over the past few years I have used AFT to clear many long standing emotional problems and physical conditions.

Along with the formulas, I cannot recommend enough the classes that Dr. Ebert hosts around the world every year. They are incredible and you will not only be able to help yourself, but also help others around you. Dr. Ebert and his wife Greta are wonderful and caring people who truly want to help.

My life completely changed when I discovered AFT, and if you have any doubts, give a formula a try and notice the difference. 

Anthony B

Brain Damage – Recognition of Defects

For the last 13 years, I have been using Dr. Ebert’s tone files to treat colds, backaches, arthritis and mania, among other things. I am usually wowed by their efficacy, although sometimes the routines provide only temporary symptomatic relief. Probably the most memorable experience I have had with any of them has been “Brain Damage – Recognition of Defects”, which helped me to realize the effects of a head trauma. In this case, the changes I noticed were permanent.

 When I played it upstairs for myself, my wife, also a brain injury patient, was in the kitchen, hearing it second hand. After a day or two, she asked me – with no prompting and no idea what the tones were for – whether I was also feeling different about myself since my accident, because for some reason, she was reevaluating cognitive loss that happened years ago, back when she had her brain injury.

The incredible thing is that I, too, had for the past few days, started to drop my cocky attitude and claims of “no brain damage” that I had held on to for over ten years.

It wasn’t a double-blind placebo-controlled test, but it was enough to give both of us new clarity about our present conditions and, as a result, new direction. 

Tom Hartman, Havertown, PA.

Sensory integration. My son has been healed of many sensory issues using this formula.

It was not an overnight miracle kind of thing but rather slowly, layer by layer his issues just seemed to fade away.

We play it every night with a few other files while he is sleeping. When we stopped playing it a few times an issue seemed to reappear. Proof positive that they work! 

Matt Key

I transferred the file to my mp3 player as I was going on holiday. I was taking Galofac everyday.

I was away for three weeks and listened to it as much as I could. Once I got back home, I transferred the file to cd and played it all night.

I have not needed to take any medication now for 4 days. I am more relaxed internally and one of the best bits, my cat loves it too and lies down next to me. A chilled owner and cat. 

Rubina Swaria-Ahmad, UK

sorry for my poor english. and I do not want my name in testimonials. false name is OK.

I have been using AFT for many years for me and my parents.

Before the homepage’s renewal , at the old homepage I bought some CDs diabetes,heart,cancer etc… but I did not recognize the effect of CD or mp3 until last year even though they were working well.

A few month ago I stop playing mp3s and cds because I believe they are useless.

After that my parents’s health got worse. and so I played AFT again and they got better.

AFT is superior to korean acupuncture. there is no way of treating emotion and serious illness in korean acupuncture.

In korea, there are many traditional acupuncture doctors. but they cannot cure diabetes,cancer,arteriosclerosis..etc . The fame of oriental acupuncture is exaggerated. They are helpless like as modern medicine.

AFT does not need to be compared to oriental acupuncture. It surpasses traditional acupuncture.

I think It is the highest technique in human history. Using AFT, I feel my mind is changing and my parents are getting well. thank you for AFT!

Name withheld upon request, Korea