Check our CD sales promotion! Buy 5 CDs at the regular price of $150 and when you check out you will only be charged for 4. You save 20% immediately.

Accutone CDs are the Tree of Life Foundation’s premier product, designed for professional use or by those who have tried everything else and nothing has worked. CDs are recorded in “wav” format which is more accurate than mp3 files. We have been selling them for 10 years and they are still our best selling  and highest rated product.

The CDs contain tone files that energetically treat the physical or other problems listed on the CD or in the CD write-ups. The tones are the same as those used in the mp3 files we sell, however they are structured in a way that makes them more impactful on the Mind-Body’s energy system. Unlike the MP3 tones, the tones recorded on CDs cannot be listened to without an emitter. You will hurt your ears if you do.

These CDs are designed to be played 24/7, and may be used in auto players so that several CDs can be played consecutively.  All of our CDs are to work guaranteed for life. If a CD fails, for any reason, it will be replaced for a fee of $25.00 when returned to our offices.

Each CD comes with a proprietary “emitter”  which soundlessly transmits the healing energy waves over 40’ in every direction. Placed centrally it should cover your entire residence. Each CD purchased is made and tested just prior to being sent via USPS priority mail. While CDs are usually produced and delivered within a week of being ordered delays do occur. Please allow up to 2 weeks for the delivery of CD orders.

Check the contents of every CD. They are all different. If you want a CD only shown in the downloadable CD Catalog, contact us and we will see about adding it to our online catalog.