Attractor Field Techniques in a Nutshell

Attractor Field Techniques (AFT) is a new way of using the ancient Chinese discovery of the meridian energy system. There is nothing else like it. It is extraordinarily effective and it is simple to use.

The Chinese were right. The meridian system is the portal to the energetic processes that direct our body’s development and control and coordinate the body’s functioning. The acupuncture points are part of an energetic signaling system. They are singularity points: the interface between the seen and unseen in the universe. There are over 450 acupoints on the body; AFT uses only 23. Used correctly these points they can normalize distorted body energies which underlie all of the illness AFT covers. It’s sister technique, found at, uses these same points to change the Mind, dealing with anxiety, fears, guilt, grief, and personality iaaues


It is understandable that you may question the value of what we are presenting. Many still question the value of Acupuncture, even though the NIH as conclusively demonstrated that Acupuncture is effective.

We invite your skepticism. Read the experimental study done on the effectiveness of AFT in treating pain of various sorts in mice. Yes mice, those little creatures that have no placebo reactions and serve as the “gold standard” in pharmaceutical research. The ability of AFT control pain was demonstrated, and the results were replicated. If experimental test results are not convincing, try it for free. After all, a treatment is really only effective if it works for you.

Although there is a philosophical concordance between Chinese Medicine and AFT, in practice they are quite different.  Acupuncture utilizes needles to stimulate a meridian point, or points, over a period of time. Needling an incorrect point can be harmful, and professional application is essential. In contrast, AFT rapidly and repeatedly stimulates sequences of meridian energy points using highly specific tones. AFT treatments require no supervision to apply. They cannot harm you in any way. Targeted messages are sent which normalize specific energetic processes. Because of this targeting AFT formulae have very specific effects unlike the more generalized impact typically seen with Acupuncture. The targeted nature of the AFT treatments were demonstrated and verified in the experimental studies of pain control in mice presented in the “Health Articles” section on this site.

Both AFT and Acupuncture see disease and distress as resulting from disturbances in the Mind-Body energy systems. In the view of AFT disease only occurs under the right conditions. These conditions always include stressful emotions. In the process involved the energy of the Mind that is part of stress introduces energetic errors in the Body’s control system. Each different type of stress creates its own signature energy that can inadvertently distort the systems that control the Body. Each type of stress opens the body to specific diseases and disorders. The distortions are seen in the Body as symptoms and specific clusters of disease/emotional states. AFT’s perspective is that every disease and form of suffering starts in the Mind. This is true for animals as well as man. Awareness is fundamental to stress and distress.

AFT sees all thoughts and emotions below the level of neutrality on David Hawkins “Map of Consciousness” as potentially harmful to our body. The list echos “The seven deadly sins”: thoughts and feelings of shame, guilt, incapability, grief, fear, desire, anger, and pride.  When you experience these emotions, you open yourself to illness and suffering.

As you might expect Chinese medicine also believes that disease and ill health can be caused by emotions. In TCM emotions are seen as to directly impairing the healthy functioning of our organs. Extreme happiness or fear damage the heart, anger harms the liver, anxiety harms the lungs, a ruminating mind affects the spleen, and shock hurts the kidneys.  For TCM a healthy and balanced emotional life is essential in maintaining one’s physical health.

You may wonder why Western Medicine and Meridian Based systems are so different. There are several reasons. First, science was founded on specific concepts of measurement and observation. If something cannot be seen and/or measured it does not exist. It is not worthy of consideration. Science cannot measure thoughts or feelings, stress, or Qi. Second, Qi is a concept beyond the conceptual limits of Newtonian thinking (cause must exist in the physical world). Finally, medical studies are about the physically observable, which introduces the next problem. Physicists have known for many years that the very process of observing something changes the thing observed. Observing actually creates something out of nothing.

After carefully studying the effects of Acupuncture on the body Medicine agrees that Acupuncture works but they have no idea how or why. There is no known “mechanism of action” in the physical world. They can’t find the energy of Qi with their instruments, so Acupuncture is largely dismissed by western scientists and physicians, and Mind-Body connection is largely ignored. This is true even though there is clear evidence that “stress” is the biggest cause of physical illness and aging, and stress is a product of the Mind. Focusing on the physical medicine has not connected the dots. See our Health Articles for more information.

The meridian energies run through the body and interact with it but are not part of the body. They are the non-physical energies within which our physical world, including our health and well-being arise. Astrophysicists were the first to call these mysterious things Dark Matter and Dark Energy.  The unseen and detected Dark energies are not just “out there” among the stars, they are everywhere.  Understanding these energies are key to understanding and maintaining health and well-being.

Below is an extract from the free down-loadable manual. It explains the tapping technique and shows an example formula. This down-loadable manual contains over 100 formulae out of the nearly 400 formulae available. You will be amazed at what you will find. The only down-side of tapping is that it takes time, concentration, and if not done correctly it does not work. If you want the results without work consider one of our mp3 tone files or CDs. They do the work for you. You just need powerful enough speakers.

 Extract from AFT Tapping Manual

General Directions

Find the formula that applies to your individual condition.  The formulas are listed alphabetically, and in simple groupings like “Eyesight problems”, “Ear problems”, “GI problems”, “Joint Pain”, “Skin Disorders”, etc. If you cannot find your problem listed it is likely that your problem is covered by a more general formula. For example, you will not find “Athletes Foot” listed in this formulary since it is covered by the “Fungal & Yeast” infection formula.

The listed Formulas will rid the body of the energy fields responsible for the listed physical conditions and eliminate the symptoms that result from those energy fields. They should minimally be applied as specified.

For maximum effectiveness the formulas should be tapped in the following order: First the LoC formulas then the physical formulas starting with the Energy Field Clearer followed by the Symptom Remover. We recommend that if you are tapping more than one formula at the same LoC level, that you tap the LoC formulas called for, then all of the physical formulas at that same LoC level immediately afterward. This saves the time required to re-tap the LoC formulas for each individual formula of the same LoC level.

If you do not obtain satisfactory results, check to make sure that you are applying the necessary formulas correctly. Try other formulas that apply to related conditions; you may not have the disorder you think (e.g., When you are sneezing, have a fever and runny nose, is it an Allergy, a Common cold, influenza, bronchitis, pneumonia, or some combination?). Have someone else apply the formula(s) if you have a physical limitation or problem with correctly tapping.

What’s Wrong with me??

We have no idea what is wrong with you, and cannot possibly tell if a Formula you try is correct for the problem that you think you have.  It is best to start with a problem that you have been medically diagnosed with and is laboratory confirmed, or else you could waste your time.  Our Formulas are very precise; tapping for the “common cold” will have no value on the flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc. and visa-versa. The problem with symptoms is that they must be interpreted correctly: medical diagnosis is as much of an art as a science; however, using a common reference “medical dictionary” is the way out.

This manual is keyed to the online Merck Medical Manual. Many of the Formulas may have names that you do not recognize. You can find out what they mean in the Merck Manual. You can check your symptoms, and what the various AFT formulas assist with by clicking here.

To save time, as in a “pain emergency”, and also as a quick check on the effectiveness of a Formula for your symptoms, the treatment Formula by itself for the disorder can be tapped without first tapping the LoC Formulas that are listed in the bottom left hand corner of the box containing the Formula.

Where to tap

Tapping locations are specific meridian points, shown at the beginning of this manual. Until you become familiar with the tapping locations we suggest that you keep the chart open while you are tapping.  All points are tapped a minimum of 40 times except BH (back of the hand, 150 taps), LL (lower lip, 10 taps) and UN (under nose, 10 taps).  With the exception of the T (thymus), LL, and UN points you can tap on either side of the body interchangeably and obtain the same results.  Tap the number of times specified as exactly as you can.  See the instructions below to increase the effectiveness of your treatment.

Description of Terms

Energy Field Clearer. These formulas provide a method to destabilize the specific energy disturbance that maintains a physical disorder and prevents the body from healing itself. Physical problems or ailments typically have two parts: a specific Energy Field and a separate Symptom Field. Most, but not all, physical problems use an Energy Field Clearer formula.

Symptom Remover

These formulas destabilize the specific energy patterns that underlie the specific symptoms associated with the disorder. Your symptoms may be pain, discomfort, or suffering of some kind. As a general rule the Energy Field Clearer and the Symptom Remover formulas should be tapped one right after one another .

LoC (Level of Consciousness) indicator

Located in the lower left hand corner of the box surrounding the Energy Field Clearer and Symptom Remover formulas, the LoC indicator is a number ranging from 20 through 175, and refers to consciousness levels, as explained by Dr. David Hawkins in his book “Power vs. Force”; these are various ways that we habitually experience and think about life. The LoC of a disorder is the context within which the disorder arises. The context does not “cause” the problem, but without the right context the disorder is not likely or cannot occur, so “normalizing” one’s context is a necessary adjunct for healing to occur.

Letter Codes

The LoC indicator is followed by a series of letter codes, like GV, LV, E, P, or K. There may be anywhere from one to five codes for any particular problem. These letter codes indicate the types thoughts, actions, and emotions that are nonphysical attractors of the disorder. Formulas to destabilize each of the specific aspects of conscious indicated are found starting on page 40 of this manual.

Number codes

These codes refer to the optimum time that the formulas should be applied to derive the maximum benefit from tapping.  These time designations relate to the Yin and Yang of disorders as defined by traditional Chinese Acupuncture. The optimum time of the day that the specific disorder can be most effectively neutralized is listed with each formula set. If tapped daily, applications should occur within ±1 hr of the previous day’s application for maximal effectiveness.

1 = Dawn to 12:00 o’clock Noon, or Sunset to 2:00AM
2 = Noon to Sunset, or 2:00AM to dawn
3 = Any time


Perform your tapping about the same time each day plus or minus one hour. If your time of tapping is off by more than one hour for two days in a row, start counting the days you have tapped from zero, as if you had never started tapping in the first place. If you incorrectly tap a particular line, i.e. you tap the wrong spot or tap a point too few or too many times, re-tap the line, starting at the beginning of the formula, or after the last “C” point tapped.


Formulas applied at any time will work; however, they will not be as effective in removing symptoms unless applied according to the above timing “rules”.

How many times should I tap?

To maximize the effectiveness of symptom remover, tap the meridian points as follows:


Tap the LL & UN points 10 times each

Tap the BH point 150 times

Tap all other points 40 times

MAXIMUM tapping

(increases effectiveness 5 times above MINIMAL)

Tap the LL & UN points 15 times each

Tap the BH point 225 times

Tap all other points 60 times each.

Try to tap as accurately as you possibly can. The more accurately you tap the more effectively the Formulas will work.

If you are working with a physical illness other than a pain disorder, remember that it will take time for the body to change after the formulas are completed, i.e., fungal infected nails will have to grow out, they will not be magically transformed by the formulas; the biochemical derangement’s of organic mental disorders take months to resolve after a Formula is completed, etc. While the cause for illness is NOT in the physical domain, the illness itself IS in the physical domain: it does take time for a disorder to change the body, and it takes time for the body to change back after the illness is gone.

Do not stop medications without your physician’s advice.

If your symptoms still persist following formula application according to these instructions it is most likely that you are still actively generating the life force energy field responsible for the disorder with your thoughts, beliefs and/or values. Complete symptom remission requires changing what you believe. This often requires the use of a specific belief change methodology.  A very practical alternative is to continue using the Formulas as indicated above and Pray to God, as you know God, for intercession. Before starting to tap, the person being treated should say “In the Name of God, lift this affliction”. If someone else is assisting by reading or tapping another, the assistant should speak along with the person they are helping, saying “In the name of God” at the same time.

If you are unable to tap, or find tapping bothersome, you may consider the Accutone technology. Accutone Cds and MP3s employ specific frequencies to stimulate acupuncture points rather than manual tapping. Accutones work as effectively as tapping, however offer ease of application, guaranteed accuracy of formula application, and the possibility of continuous 24/7 treatment for chronic or life threatening disorders.

Below is a single sample formula. Down-load the free manual and see what is available.