My name is Dr. Kurt Ebert, and I want to welcome you to the The Tree of Life Foundation web site. I am pleased to be able to make it available to you.

This site is different from any other web site you have visited on the internet. True, it looks pretty much like other web sites, it has words and pictures and information. But it is different, because it gives you tools, tools that will change your life.

There are millions of self-help health web sites on the internet, they all show you ways of helping yourself. They all tell you what you need to change. They all give you methods of achieving change.

The problem is, few follow the advice. It is too hard, it takes too long, and there are more fun things to do and few really change. Problems continue because the habits and the automatic processes of the mind are too much to overcome. The good advice we have been given is lost.

What makes what the Tree of Life system so revolutionary is that it does not tell you “how to do it”, it actually helps you do it. The Tree of Life Foundation provides energetic tools that help you re-tune and change your mind and body.

Interview with Dr. Kurt Ebert – Developer of the Attractor Field Technique (AFT)

Q) What is this method all about?

A) This method is a blend of Eastern and Western ideas that allows an individual or practitioner to heal the body and mind. It uses the meridian system in a different way than acupuncture does. Both systems use meridians, but acupuncture involves skill to apply and use needles. You can’t do it yourself. The AFT methods require little special training and, at most, requires high quality computer loudspeakers to use. It is as safe as listening to music. For “energy point tappers” there are disorder specific tapping sequences available as well.

AFT is the only energy healing system scientifically proven to work on both humans and animals. It works with great specificity on both physical and emotional problems. It works for the vast majority of people who use it. Two out of three people respond to such diverse conditions as the common cold, arthritis and varicose veins.

Q) How is this method different from other healing modalities?

A) This method relies entirely your energy in your body and Mind. There are no chemicals, herbs, or repetitive tapping, involved. In most cases tones are used to stimulate energy points on the body and if necessary you are guided on what you should focus on as the tones are played repeatedly for a few minutes.

AFT views the primary cause of disease and suffering of all sorts as resulting from the energies of our emotions. Our Mind and Body are driven and impacted by the emotions that drive us. Following the work of Dr. David Hawkins in his book “POWER VS FORCE”, AFT sees disease resulting from our habitual response to stress. Medically the process is known as the the General Adaptation Syndrome: the end result of prolonged stress is exhaustion and physical illness. Stress is not outside ourselves; it is our personal reaction to the world around us. What is stressful to one individual may have no meaning to another. It is the meaning we give to events that open us to illness. The meaning is always emotional

Q) What health problems do you solve with this technique?

A) What health problems do you have? Up to this point, AFT formulas have been developed to cover between 400 and 500 different physical problems. The protocols for dealing with disorders of all sorts of physical, and many emotional problems are available on this site.

Q) What is your background?

A) Clinical and Neuropsychology. I have worked in the medical community for thirty years. I have taught psychology, neurology and psychiatry students at the university level. You may read my full resume on the Internet.

Q) How did you get started with AFT?

A) AFT found me. I was not looking for it. It happened while I was studying David Hawkins work and in A Course in Miracles. One day I arrived at my office early, sat down at my secretary’s desk and typed out the introduction to the Tapping Manual with no fore thought. It just flowed back. Since then I have watched it unfold.

Q) How has it helped you personally?

A) I’ve had only minor problems, except for fixing torn ligaments. The condition got worse over the years and painful to raise my arm. I used the technique and within a few days, I was OK.

Q) What is the fastest, greatest miracle you’ve seen with AFT?

A) It is no more difficult to correct the energies creating the common cold than to correct for varicose veins. For women, cystitis (bladder infection) is an example of what can be corrected in minutes. There are two aspects of the system: working with the emotions (problems in the Mind) which are at the source of our physical problems, and working with the distorted body energies that gets rid of the symptoms. Working with the Mind helps insure that the problem does not return.

About the Attractor Field Techniques (AFT) Founder: Dr. Kurt Ebert

Dr R. Kurt Ebert is a licensed Clinical and Neuropsychologist. He maintains a private practice in Bala Cynwyd, PA., USA, where he sees individual clients and conducts consultations. Dr Ebert may be contacted by telephone at 610-664-8053.

Dr Ebert is also the creator of both the Attractor Field Therapy system and the Attractor Field Techniques (AFT). AFT is a system using sound technology and meridian stimulation to promote healing of hundreds of physical disorders. He holds AFT training classes in the United State, Canada and Central Europe.

Dr. Ebert was formerly Director of Clinical Neuropsychological Services, Department of Neurology, Temple University Hospital; Director of Research, Division of Family Study, Department of Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania; Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry and Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology in Neurology, Thomas Jefferson Medical School.