By the Grace of God

In our ancient past mankind was graced by God with the keys to our health and well being. The form this blessing took was the knowledge of the Acupuncture Meridians detailing the flow of life energy within our beings.

Through centuries of study man has only scratched the surface in his understanding of this marvelous gift. The time for more blessings has arrived. Below are detailed instructions and tools which will allow you to free yourself from the crippling effects of the addictions as well as emotional and physical problems.

The Attractor Field Techniques (AFT) are an independent outgrowth of the seminal work of David R. Hawkins, MD, Ph.D., author of “Power vs Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior”. In this work Hawkins presents the results of 25 years of historic research into human consciousness and provides a wake-up call to humanity. In his preface, Hawkins states: “We think that we live by forces we control, but in fact we are governed by power from unrevealed sources, power over which we have no control.”

Fortunately we do not need to control the “unrevealed sources”. What we do need to do is to stop resonating with and amplifying them. These forces are the energies behind our emotions. If we do not resonate with them they have no impact on us. You cannot stop negative thoughts from hurting the body, but you can stop thinking negative thoughts, and you can undo the hurt to the body with the right tools.

Hawkins’ book “Power vs Force” provides the background necessary to understand the basics of attractor fields and their influence on and in our lives. The universe does not work in the ways that we have been taught. Stress, distress, and bodily dysfunction are the inadvertent result of the impact of Mind energies on the Body. No one wants to be sick or unhappy. Unhappiness and illness arise when we live with negative thoughts and feelings.

Man is best viewed as an energetic microcosm of the universe. Like the universe we are made of matter sustained and controlled by energetic forces we cannot see or directly detect. While we cannot control the unmeasurable energies of the universe we can avoid the harmful ones. Our thoughts are a part of the energetic universe that we cannot measure but have the possibility of controlling and directing.

The energy produced by each emotion and accompanying each of life’s emotional perspectives is different and results in different consequences within the body. Each physical disorder we develop or acquire is initiated by a specific emotional-energetic upset. Every repeated emotional reaction increases the probability of developing the physical illnesses associated with the underlying emotion.

Drawing on Dr. Hawkins’ original findings and methodology meridian energy altering formulae have been developed which allow for the elimination of the energy fields which are at the source of Man’s mental and physical disorders. For the first time in history we have a method to disconnect from the unseen forces that rule our existence.