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"Here is a collection of notes from the Czech Republic.

Our experience with AFT, A4M and CD Accutone:
Shoulder pain
My son woke up with pain in the shoulder , and if you must go to school, he could not move his hands. I used what I learned in the AFT, he lightly tapped, it took me more than a minute. He wondered: What's that line? It's been hurt! So I replied: "no lines, meridians." And went to school. (I used the arm pain - only 2nd and 3rd row). (HP)
Cold sores
As a child I used to have often cold sores and safely recognize as soon as they start the club. Ret always swollen, ointments did not help or anything else. When I started making the AFT, was with me one evening to visit Mom, I'm talking and I suddenly realized that I nalívá and itchy lip. So I took the hand of a prescription for cold sores and just in passing tapping the meridian points. In the morning I noticed that the haze stopped, leaving after just a dot. In the evening I again tapped prescription. Dot persisted for several days, then disappeared. Much of it pleasantly surprised me so fast I never shed a haze. (Helen P.)
Sick dog
My mother, who had ordered for her very sick pet westíka CD-32nd Even after a week playing announces that the state dog rapidly improved. Dogs were re-operated eyes and one eye is almost seen. The attending physician who knows nothing of the AFT and the use of the CD was not informed advocate that it is after all these years, what it treats, for the first time, what his condition improved, and that the cornea even worse affected eye brightens. (Ian P.)
When I was 25 years old, I underwent surgery myoma (benign tumor of muscle) , as was a large orange and uterus grow as fast as a child. At 30 I gave birth after infertility treatment twins, the emperor, because the uterus was so streaky fibroids that doctors do not recommend natural childbirth. I was aware of the fact that it will be necessary sooner or later the uterus removed. All this led me to many years of searching, how to get rid of these tumors. I tried many methods, exercise, herbs, tiles, macrobiotics, Silvovku ... Nothing. At about 40 I was at a lecture on Ayurveda, where an Indian doctor said - removing the uterus means to get rid of creativity. I am an artist and it sounded to me like the end of everything. Even houževnatěji I was looking for. What others took, did not help me. But at least I believed that it must go. When not working activities in the physical world, I decided that I need to start looking for the cause of the psyche. I studied kinesiology, certainly things loose, but after many odblokacích uterus was still the same size. I tried other methods. Reiki, hunger, urinoterapii. After this combination temporarily disappeared, but soon returned. Control is simple, I had a visible bulge in the lower abdomen. Of course, when I fell into the hands of AFT, was the first thing I tried. After three weeks of tapping fibroids were gone! It was a joy! This time it lasted much longer, but again I returned. By now I was behind the first and 2 AFT course and consistently, I started looking for other psychological causes. We did, after a series of affirmations, percussion, and forgiveness I get rid of them. They seemed to have permanently. I'll be honest. After the breakup with her ​​boyfriend I was unhappy. My stomach started hurting again and I appeared. Once I figured out how to hurt, I had to work again. About a month were off again and I came to the realization that I can either destroy itself or that for myself I can really do almost miracles. I have no choice. (H. Nice)
Cruel back pain
I am 52 years old and my spine after surgery , when my spine was reinforced with titanium plates and screws in L5-S1. After the surgery, I suffered from a sudden radiating pain in the legs and upper back. After three days of application recipes for back pain these problems disappeared. After playing the CD everyday 4a and 4b CD (yet for one month) to alleviate other unpleasant feelings and I could postpone lumbar corsets. I can not say that the problems would disappear completely, but I feel much better and also improve the rehabilitation nurse stated tone back muscles. (Mrs. LC)
I know one man who was gay. come to counseling with me because he felt lonely and had a great fear that when this comes out its orientation, will be discredited and could lose the job. It is a very successful lawyer. I'll call him John. I worked long sexological counseling and marriage counseling and come to the opinion that this deviation is not born a man. It is always a consequence of the decision early in childhood, which he later question is not at all aware of. This man had a very confident, spirited and successful father, who was also a very good athlete. When John was little, he got from his father's birthday bike. The right guy is an athlete. All the children liked very much and begged them to lend him, but he was banned from the father. One older and stronger boy, but he took it, went to him, crashed and destroyed the bike. John was afraid to come home and admit what happened and just said that he took the wheel. My father got angry and ordered him to let the bike there and Popery of him, saying, "Do not come without wheels. My son would never let you take a new turn. If you come without wheels, sissy, and you do not want you to know. "The mother took the son, but her father bluntly dismissed as well. And then, John decided that if he behaves so "right" man, so he does not want it to be. Ceased to be interested in anything resembling a little business of his father and saw the pattern in the mother's gentle behavior. I helped him realize and rethink attitude towards the father took, we relieve stress and beliefs, which he had created. He visited me several times in my consulting room, gradually worked everything into his adulthood considered natural, but the company he built into a bad light. Gradually became more cheerful. He admitted that he feels reborn, the men he lost interest, after a time he got married and now leads a normal life. (Dr.K.Ebert)
George had a long-term pain in the back cross. After consultation and disclosure of events from childhood, when he thought that his brother deliberately hurt and he was sorry, we're using affirmations and percussion pain gradually removed. He did not return. (John J.)
Already the third year of each other working with AFT. She disappeared from my side inguinal hernia. I am convinced that after exposure to the basic CD No.5. I did not make for it is nothing. When we still had it, they told me to check with the doctor: "If you do not mind it, come, odoperujeme it." I already have one operating and so I rush to a second operation. We had it in the family so I thought that I might flunk it again. As I pushed enough, I wanted to do something with it. The AFT, although we have about 4 regulations on the fin, but not tannin. So I dealt with other health problems. And one day I realized that there was not a bulge in the groin. (HP)
Problems during menopause
Menopause - how easily I get rid of symptoms - without chemicals! Most hot and bothered me mood swings. I used only taps. In the transitional period before I finished, I used to have very strong menstruation , first took me 3 weeks. I was losing blood so weak that I could not climb stairs. He advised me a prescription for Bleeding Stop! I tried it, helped. Next time I used it again and broke the whole period. (Mary F.)
You write and ask, what are the experiences with the CD on weight control. Below is a letter from Jitka join that uses it.
Accutónové CDs for weight loss contains five songs. The first two help to break the mental energy, which covers the most common beliefs that block our ability to lose weight. The remaining three are designed to reduce appetite, accelerate metabolism, reduce absorption of calories and help with other psychological aspects that accompany overweight. Optimal use is: every day afirmačním through a process that releases the most common beliefs - fear of confidentiality / intimacy, that it was not safe and that you deserve to achieve optimal weight. And at every meal, use the remaining three songs.
CD I started using at the time of Christmas, so I did not want to use the complete program. I left the CD released by 24 hours a day across the Christmas and New Year. My usual weight gain during this period used to be 3-5 kg. Similarly, even members of our family. Our weight has not changed this time. Objectively, I could observe decreased appetite, eaten portions were smaller, disappeared urge constantly eating away nuts, chips and small sweets that are about Christmas is always available.
After Vance CD, I started to work as manual including afirmačního process. Excess weight has begun to slow. After some time I got to a certain mental imbalance - slowly began to get to the surface fears related to intimacy. It was necessary to look at their source in childhood. I solved again using AFT techniques. During the year I have achieved weight loss of about 12 kg. Alternate with periods when the CD is used, and weight is reduced, the period when I focus on addressing the emotional causes of overweight (Seeking understanding of overweight) and periods when I do not need to use the CD, (body and mind give holidays). In addition to the loss of pounds just appreciate the fact that this CD has led me - unlike other programs - to solve real conviction related to overweight.
Mgr.Jitka Studénková (The author is a teacher's contribution AFT)
My husband was a smoker since the age of thirteen. In recent years, however, the daily consumption of cigarettes has risen to more than two packs of cigarettes a day. Unfortunately did not want to go through the whole process of AFT, but was willing to tolerate taps. We started therapy with AFT before Christmas the 2006th Regularly every day about 18 hours my husband put it released by the CD player with 48 songs from the third Then I played the CD for 5 prescription LoC 125 - track 8, and then applied the taps for nicotine, which fortunately is not much. In the first months of daily maximum 1 tapping. During Christmas I have not observed that the consumption of cigarettes has changed dramatically, and somehow it seemed that, along with visits cheerfully does by heating on. I did not dare ask too much, and because her husband smoked in my presence, so when my colleague at work noticed the new year that her husband remained empty ashtray. From the 7th January 2007 the husband does not smoke. I was offered the purchase of nicotine patches to shock the body was not as big, but not interested. After some time the husband admitted that he had very painful cramps in his hands. I was sorry that I did not say. If the cramps prescription for double-withdrawal symptoms, they would be relieved. The whole process we applied nine months, even if they smoked. After three months we have used only 1 day minimal percussion. He continued to walk with visits to "smoke", but he can burn down for two years and as he says, has no taste for cigarettes. (Zdenek P.)
Women's issues
N ° 41 CD I bought, because I often plagued various inflammations and unpleasant infection. His regular kite, I just got rid of problems, but although I have today, says my friend, a zebra, I did not recognize any problems accompanying the transition. Contrary to refine and my sexual experiences. This is due to the fact that I am over 50 years as a very nice surprise for me and for her husband. Normally I only use eight track, but if there are any problems, until they replay the entire CD remission 41st (Zdenek P.)
As a single idea can change our body
He came to my 14-year-old boy with a problem of all fear - fear of the dark, thunderstorms, dogs, frightened when someone spoke to him ... I have this fear called unidentified fear
The level of awareness of this issue was a disgrace - life was miserable for him and felt humiliated and humbled. The energy pattern of the problem began to form in his 9 years during the holidays.
He could not remember what happened. After removing the block drain affirmations remembered that a friend came for him to go out. Still not dressed and went to the house mother and his sister and the friend began to sue them, that they built a beautiful castle yesterday and he destroyed them, Martin. Meanwhile, Martin was standing in the door and heard everything! My mother immediately began to berate him and his sister had just snorted derisively. We worked on the problem for some time, but Martin was still subdued, did not speak, answered only YES - NO shrug.
Since the beginning, we removed the block "is not safe for others, I remembered the problem and get rid of," I said to him: And did you that? You destroyed the castle? And he had long thought and then said: "We had water there, and he had someone poured us!" Then I have learned that his friend lives in the entirely opposite end of the village, so I ruled that there was running night and destroyed the castle .
I got redemptive idea and I said to him: "Martin, you're now a big 14-year-old boy and you know that sand is not concrete and the water just soaks into the sand. And it happened in July when the sun blazing from morning till night. The sand is just dry and fall off the castle itself! "
When I expressed this idea became a "miracle" and I was able to see it for what he got, Eric Candela Nobel Prize - that one single idea can change our body.
He had a pale gray-green eyes, those eyes immediately darkened, and as you press the program in the PC began to illustrate the black iris pattern and Martin began to laugh out loud. So Martin got rid of all my fears.
Martin subconsciously expect humiliation and humiliation even from those closest and so afraid of everything preventively. (L. Strnadova)
Our experience with A4M
Systemic lupus (SLE)
After completing the course A4M came to me to unblock a young man with a diagnosis of Systemic Lupus (SLE). It is a very serious inflammatory disease of the joints; medicine does not know the cause and solve this disease with corticosteroids, which had a very serious side effects.
I used the unlocking method A4M and then I tapped him more formula to eliminate the disease course of AFT. Got homework Pat formula Systemic lupus 35 days. For 10 days this gentleman called me and I wanted to watch me how many day percussion, there is a change for the better. And he said, I can tell you right now! You have me with you unblock everything 1x tapped and I got up this morning and I felt 75% better!
I even started practicing now handles that for years I could not train. He was also between the control and even the doctor all the scoops and tests showed at least an absolute improvement. After about two months we have seen again and I had the pleasure of it really - you could see that put on weight and typical butterfly rash on the face was gone. (L. Strnadova)
I can not cope with her husband's infidelity
Mrs. Martha - 39 years. My husband fell in love with her best friend. And threw him half a year after he returned. She can not forgive him! Her husband treats her nicely, but she does not sleep, worrying about. The best method that I could help her is the A4M.
The basic pattern of behavior at Mrs. Marty was blaming others.
Husband alleged that without him she was better, the parents alleged that he fought and eventually divorced, blamed the mother for what she said before the wedding.
First, we eliminate the open feeling blamed others that he pulled into the present and the future.
When we dissolve the persistence of ego, so relaxed and started crying - clearly realized that my husband liked it and even children as they like. Suddenly, it was not so important what happened. Tuned to a positive future and wants to do everything to make it as before.
Her younger son, when the mother had problems began to self-mutilation, causing your body to cuts. At the moment, when her mother began to solve the problem with this behavior is automatically stopped. (L. Strnadova)
How well can solve problems of children - 1
Some parents when their children have a problem, they come alone and work on yourself first.
Some come directly with the intention (apparently read it somewhere) and some do not know, and to finalize it as well.
I worked on the problem 5-year-old girls - want to go to school in the morning did not want for anything let moms doing back there and he just had to stay after all - all day frowning, sulking, was edgy, not communicating. Just so they behave with me to unlock - I tried to correct the behavior of a few taps of the A4M and the mother suddenly brightened and said: "I wanted to unblock it too. You know, I really like her. I go to work and now I'm scared. "
And in the morning the girl mothers released from spoiled whelp became the beloved princess, who grabbed me by the hand, communicate, it was cute. I had vytestovaný another formula that I had Pat, but after that what the mother decided to work on your problem, no longer needed. The little girl did not have anything to mirror her mother. I am always very surprised when I show the universe what goes and I am very grateful for it. (L. Strnadova)
How well can solve problems of children - 2
My mother ordered a 14-year-old girl - had problems with behavior and with confidence at home and at school.
But instead of a daughter came herself to try to say what the daughter of the desert. She stated that the existential fears and problems with her husband (they divorced, after some time he married again, both very trying, but it was wrong).
When the husband saw his wife has changed, he came as well - we have worked on similar problems, as his wife. Both graduated after two months again and unlock it very helpful to their marriage and their health. And their daughter eventually did not come at all - compared to myself. (L. Strnadova)
Relationship to people - people she vydeptávají
Miss Lenka - 28 years working in a pharmacy - are afraid of people, when it pours out her problems. They are afraid that they can not help, and applies it to himself, what it will be when she is sick. Those people vydeptávají him directly.
The priority method that I could help her - A4M.
When I work with Lenka as the basic pattern of behavior revealed a feeling of worthlessness. She was not able to do things the way she felt it was right, because it constantly adapt others to feel about her "something bad did not think" ashamed before men to show what it can do, for fear of criticism. We are constantly subjected to the wishes of his mother but with her problems she could confide. They often felt that her mother had done blackmailing but rather what her wanted to be good, she wanted to please her. He is worried about the fact that it did not want to do. She made the big problems to concentrate on some work, because he kept thinking about lots of other things.
First, we dissolve feelings of worthlessness, the fear of how others view it, family patterns, helplessness and a tendency to have other things to talk about. Lenka then decided that it would be best to change jobs, become independent, they feel good, determined to change his life. (L. Strnadova)
Blocked formation
Mrs. John - 52 years old came to me with several problems:
1) overweight
2) blocked formation
3) blocked the joy of life
The priority problem for unlocking - creation blocked. The priority method that I could help her - A4M.
The basic pattern was at Jane's emotional exhaustion. Blamed for the non-creation. It can not create, because experiencing suffering on the husband wants to leave him, but yet you dare. When he wants, but can not, so the blame for it. It has a working project that would like to make, has a taste for it to go, but he was afraid. Finally, I tuned to her courage and willingness to go out and John to talk about details of the project, acquired the belief that it will implement the project.
Mrs. John was enthusiastic about this technique and called me the next day that at night she sweated the entire head, that it came out that negative thinking, and now she is no longer good. (L. Strnadova)
Relationship to myself
Mrs. Romana - 32 years old came to me to sit with several problems:
1) They feel lonely
2) I keep looking at each error
3) Problems in communication
4) It does not keep a partner
5) Relationship to myself
The priority problem for unlocking - Relationship to itself. The priority method that I could help her: A4M
When I work with a novel as the basic pattern of behavior found self-incrimination. Blames the poor for communicating with his son with a partner, not talk with them frankly nedotahuje things to an end when something is happening, thinking too much about things, why it was helping others and to yourself cough.
And think of how those problems, so it attracts. With her partner still wants to discuss a problem. The ego will not allow her to change, in that burrows into infinity. Her emotional exhaustion leads to apathy and ill-judged decision. They'd rather lie down, so did not solve anything, but in the morning feeling tired on. They feel helpless that she can not find a solution, it solves with a friend, even though deep down he knows what to do. It takes the views and ideas with friends and does his inner voice. When she makes a decision, think about it over and over if it's bad or good, just always looking for mistakes.
We remove negative patterns of behavior and in the end I had tuned to a positive future to return to negative past spoil the present and future. By tuning the belief in a higher power of Roman realized that a partner can push and rush to a decision that everyone needs time to think. After unlocking the Roman feel positively tired smiles. He says: "I feel relieved, I'm in much better condition than when I came to you." (L. Strnadova)


03/28/2017, 10:25

"Just a little feed back, had a colonoscopy a couple of week ago, the results were great doctors very happy.

But the best thing they said was I had a couple of small Hemorrhoids..I questioned what constitutes small as mine were large, hurt and bleeding. Then I checked.. they had nearly disappeared.

My arthritis is very manageable and my will power is getting better. As for the other things, varicose veins are not hurting, menopause is getting better, less hot sweats.

So a VERY BIG and sincere thank you.


Gayle De Faveri"


08/18/2015, 09:04

"In the past two weeks, the free leg and foot pain formulas worked extremely well for 2 clients with phantom limb pain such that they did not requires medication. N.Greengus, PT"


06/22/2015, 19:20

"had tried everything for ibs and was at the end of the road nothing worked however aft did and i am so very grateful to dr ebert for making aft available "


05/02/2015, 01:49

"Good evening,
I am very thankful for this Priceless Pet CD; my animals benefit greatly, particularly my 13 year old feline challenged by health concerns since kitten hood.


04/30/2015, 20:16

"9/2014 Brain Damage – Recognition of Defects

For the last 13 years, I have been using Dr. Ebert’s tone files to treat colds, backaches, arthritis and mania, among other things. I am usually wowed by their efficacy, although sometimes the routines provide only temporary symptomatic relief. Probably the most memorable experience I have had with any of them has been “Brain Damage – Recognition of Defects”, which helped me to realize the effects of a head trauma. In this case, the changes I noticed were permanent.
When I played it upstairs for myself, my wife, also a brain injury patient, was in the kitchen, hearing it second hand. After a day or two, she asked me – with no prompting and no idea what the tones were for – whether I was also feeling different about myself since my accident, because for some reason, she was reevaluating cognitive loss that happened years ago, back when she had her brain injury.
The incredible thing is that I, too, had for the past few days, started to drop my cocky attitude and claims of "no brain damage" that I had held on to for over ten years.
It wasn’t a double-blind placebo-controlled test, but it was enough to give both of us new clarity about our present conditions and, as a result, new direction.
Tom Hartman, Havertown, PA.


04/30/2015, 20:13

Rated: Excellent
I transferred the file to my mp3 player as I was going on holiday. I was taking Galofac everyday.
I was away for three weeks and listened to it as much as I could. Once I got back home, I transferred the file to cd and played it all night.
I have not needed to take any medication now for 4 days. I am more relaxed internally and one of the best bits, my cat loves it too and lies down next to me. A chilled owner and cat.


04/30/2015, 20:08

"8/2014 - Kidney Failure
Rated: Excellent
I am writing to thank you and tell you about my incredible success using your mp3 titled Kidney Failure. I had not been to the doctor for years and they took my blood pressure and it was 220/140 and they promptly admitted we to the hospital to stabilize it. During the hospital stay they did many other tests and set me up with an internist who told me that I was on the verge of kidney failure and may have to be put on dialysis. My fiancé had heard about your website from a friend and went to your site and ordered the mp3 for Kidney Failure. I listened to it as instructed and when I went back to the internist after another set of blood tests he said that I had "marked improvement" in my kidneys function and was out of the "danger zone" of having to go on dialysis. I'm positive the regeneration in my kidney function came from listening to your mp3 as I could almost "feel" positive things happening in my kidney area. I did a visualization of them getting better as I listened to the vibrations from the mp3. Thank you so much for giving me my healthy life back and not having to even think about going on dialysis. God bless you and keep up the great work. I'll be ordering the mp3 for the high blood pressure soon so I can get off of the prescription medicine which I know isn't healthy for me.
Thanks again for the "miracle"!
Christine Maciolek, Palm Beach Gardens, FL."


04/30/2015, 19:50

"AFT is the BEST (and easiest!) healing modality. Over the past few years I have used AFT to clear many long standing emotional problems and physical conditions. Along with the formulas, I cannot recommend enough the classes that Dr. Ebert hosts around the world every year. They are incredible and you will not only be able to help yourself, but also help others around you. Dr. Ebert and his wife Greta are wonderful and caring people who truly want to help. My life completely changed when I discovered AFT, and if you have any doubts, give a formula a try and notice the difference.

Anthony "


11/30/2014, 10:17

"Sensory integration. My son has been healed of many sensory issues using this formula. It was not an overnight miracle kind of thing but rather slowly, layer by layer his issues just seemed to fade away. We play it every night with a few other files while he is sleeping. When we stopped playing it a few times an issue seemed to reappear. Proof positive that they work!

Matt Key"

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