If you own a smartphone you will love this device! It allows you to silently play AFT mp3 files anywhere you go, home, work or play. Don't have plug in speakers? Want freedom from having to sit next to your computer? Plug this device into the headphone jack of your computer or tablet and treat yourself anywhere in your home!

The sound made by our CDs and MP3 files is not what influences the body. The targets of AFT treatments are meridian points, not your ears. We stimulate meridian points electromagnetically, taking advantage of the electromagnetic field variations that occur in the coil of the speaker being used.  Speaker coils are not ideal creators of the energies we use and only create an effective healing field of 5 feet.  Emitters are designed to create the specific energies needed to correctly and accurately stimulate acupoints at at didtance of up to 40'.

Emitters plug into any thing that has a headphone jack. It allows you to take your treatment with you where ever you go. They are perfect for smartphone use, and soundlessly transmitt the energy waves created by the AFT Accutone CDs and mp3 files 40' in every direction. You can receive a perfect treatment anywhere in your home or on the go.

Each CD comes with a free emitter that must be used with the CD (they sound terrible!) and can be used to soundlessly play the AFT mp3 files.

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07/10/2015, 14:58

"The neuropathy mp3 is working wonderfully for my mom. She has had terrible pain in both feet for several years now. I put this mp3 on an iPod with the magical emitter and set it on continuous play and after 2 weeks, it kicked in and she is feeling pain free. We are very grateful for this amazing healing modality. Thanks Dr. Ebert!"


12/12/2014, 11:19


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