Individual tapping formulas

If you are new to AFT we strongly recommend that if before you purchase one of these tapping files that you down-load our free two page Tapping Directions and read them. We want you to receive the full benefit from your purchase and to do that you must know the tapping procedure. You may decide that the tapping process is too difficult or time consuming for you to do. If that is the case you may want to consider one of the MP3 files that will give you the benefit without the work.

We also provide a free 66 page manual that contains the same information about the tapping process and tapping points and contains many free formulae. It may contain the formula you are interested in using.

The down-loadable tapping formulas contain our most up to date tapping formulae. Each formula is a complete energetic treatment, designed to remove the energy at the source of the problem, and the energy of the disorder itself.

If you have been medically diagnosed with a problem choose the formula that matches your diagnosis. We do not make diagnoses. If you want more information about a particular problem, cllck here and type the name into the search box. Use your browser's back arrow (top of screen on left) to return to this page.

Tapping Point Chart

 AFT Tapping Points.gif

  Product Product code Price  
alcohol addiction


cocaine addiction


addiction to "downers"


addictive habit and desire


addictive impulse Buying


addiction to inhalants


marijuana addiction


addiction to music


nicotine addiction


opiate addiction






10/06/2015, 18:42

" I am having success with the nicotine protocols in my work. Yesterday I introduced a NP student to tapping and your protocols, and she was enthusiastic and next week we will use the nicotine protocol to stop smoking. You are making a big difference in the world!"


09/04/2013, 20:57

"Hello Dr. Ebert.

How are you today? A few months ago, you assisted me with tapping points to help my son who was suffering from a rash (Rosacea). Not only did the tapping points work quickly, his doctor and the entire medical staff was in awe! I apologize for my tardy response, but I had a weightlifting accident. Approximately a month after my son's rash diminished, (it took 3 and 1/2 weeks to go completely away), I was bench pressing 275 lbs when the bar slipped onto my chest. I bruised my sternum, and damaged the floating rib on my left side. I did not get an X-ray until 4 days after the injury, but I did the wound tapping point immediately after it happened. I also tapped myself for the bruises (contusions) I incurred. The doctor suggested I stop lifting for several months, and wear a support brace when at work. I wore the brace for 7 days, and was back in the gym 6 weeks later bench pressing over 300 lbs for 10 repetitions!

Thank you for all of your assistance! I am very appreciative for all you have done. From the Attractor Field points, to assisting me with my family, you are truly a gifted and talented man.

LaRone M


09/04/2013, 20:55

"Hi Dr. Kurt !
Thank you very much for your advice and verifications, I would like to comment that since I have started tapping for Rosacea – there is a great improvement. I hope it soon goes away.
Thank you and be blessed,


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