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Acupuncture Meridians can be stimulated in many ways. Acupuncture uses needles and pressure. AFT uses tapping and highly specific tones that we have developed which stimulate the same sequences of acupoints used in the AFT tapping formulae. The MP3 tone sequences replace the need to tap formulas. Each mp3 file is a complete treatment package, treating all of the necessary energetic aspects of the specific problem of concern.
What’s the right formula for you? We have no idea. We do not make diagnoses. Follow your physician’s diagnosis. If you have been medically diagnosed with a problem choose the formula that matches your diagnosis and download it. Play it. It’s as simple as that.

The available formulae are ordered alphabetically with the exception of weight control, GI, and eyesight formulas The latter formulas are all preceeded by either GI- or "WC-", "Eye-", etc. A list of disorders covered by AFT formulas is also found in the free downloadable tapping manual.

Using these mp3 files is amazingly easy. With the exception of the weight control formulas you should play each mp3 file you download 3-4 times each morning and each evening.

Weight control formulae work best when played before meals. This will require you to stay in front of your computer's speakers for roughly 10 minutes for each formula each time you play them. You can make play lists for your media player to match you needs and play one formula right after the other.

Please take note
MP3 files are available for downloading immediately after you purchase them. You can download any file you purchase five times within one week of your purchase.
When using these sound files without one of our emitters you must sit within 5 feet (1.5M) of your powered computer speakers and play the formula minimally 3 times in a row in the morning and three times in the evening. This means that twice a day you will have to sit within 5' (1.5M) of your computer's speakers for 10-15 minutes while the tones play.. That is roughtly a 1/2 hour committment per day for each formula used.
We strongly  urge our MP3 users to consider purchasing an emitter. Plug your emitter into your headphone jack, make a playlist of your mp3 files on your computer or smartphone, set it to play continuously, and forget it. Your home or ever where you go will be filled with AFT healing energies. Could it be any simpler?
With an emitter you are treated silently and perfectly at a distance of up to 40' (12m) from the emitter. You can do anything while the file(s) play. The emitter is ideal for using formulae overnight while sleeping or during the day while carrying out your usual daily activities. The mp3 files and emitters work on any computer,  telephone, or mp3 player. This provides the opportunity for continuous treatment anywhere. 
Along with medicine and the pharmaceutical industry the Tree of life Foundation cannot guarantee that our products will work for you or your condition. What we can do is allow you to try our energetic solutions free. We think you will be back.



Customer feedback:

I am writing to thank you and tell you about my incredible success using your mp3 titled Kidney Failure. I had not been to the doctor for years and they took my blood pressure and it was 220/140 and they promptly admitted we to the hospital to stabilize it. During the hospital stay they did many other tests and set me up with an internist who told me that I was on the verge of kidney failure and may have to be put on dialysis. My fiance had heard about your website from a friend and went to your site and ordered the mp3 for Kidney Failure. I listened to it as instructed and when I went back to the internist after another set of blood tests he said that I had "marked improvement" in my kidneys function and was out of the "danger zone" of having to go on dialysis. I'm positive the regeneration in my kidney function came from listening to your mp3 as I could almost "feel" positve things happening in my kidney area. I did a visualization of them getting better as I listened to the vibrations from the mp3. Thank you so much for giving me my healthy life back and not having to even think about going on dialysis. God bless you and keep up the great work. I'll be ordering the mp3 for the high blood pressure soon so I can get off of the prescription medicine which I know isn't healthy for me. Thanks again for the "miracle"! Christine Maciolek, Palm Beach Gardens, Fls:




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06/19/2017, 00:59

"Just a little feed back, had a colonoscopy a couple of week ago, the results were great, doctors very happy.

But the best thing was they said I had a couple of small Hemorrhoids's..I questioned what constitutes small as mine were large, hurt and bleeding. Then I checked.. they had nearly disappeared.

My arthritis is very manageable and my will power is getting better. As for the other things, varicose veins are not hurting, menopause is getting better, less hot sweats.

So a VERY BIG and sincere thank you.


Gayle De Faveri"

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