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In addition to the free AFT tapping manual we are allowing you to try seven of our MP3 files free of charge.

You may be interested to know that the irriatable bowl syndrome formula we are offering for free uses the same sequence of meridian points that was used in the "Experimental study: AFT Pain Control in Mice" article presented under the Health Articles heading. All mammals have the same underlying acupuncture system structure. Non-human mammals require different frequencies to stimulate their meridian points but the same sequence of points that treats humans also treats all other mammals. 

Put the items you want into the cart, supply your email address, and download your files. Use the files and see for yourself what happens. We think that you will be pleased and will return for more.


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Abdominal Gas




Perforated eardrum


Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Free AFT Tapping Manual PDF


Tapping Directions


Dengue Fever


Dengue Fever


Accutone CD Catalogue


Ebola Virus


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08/20/2015, 11:30

"Thank you so much for the abdominal gas download. I had not been able to sleep for hours the night before with a bloated and uncomfortable abdomen and had been feeling uncomfortable all day and by evening it was starting to get worse again, then I remembered you had an MP3 available. Amazingly, even after listening to it once, I could feel the pressure releasing and after a couple more listens I felt comfortable enough to go to bed, having a really good refreshing and restorative nights sleep. In the morning my stomach had returned to its normal pain free flatter size.

Use any part of this email as a testimony to your wonderful work.

Thanking you

Julie C "


08/05/2015, 22:31

"In the past two weeks, the free leg and foot pain formulas worked extremely well for 2 clients with phantom limb pain such that they did not requires medication. N.Greengus, PT"


05/07/2015, 12:00

"Excellent explains it all! I've used your products for years and continue to do so. "


03/09/2015, 03:55

Long time no speak Had almost forgotten about you, but came across your website again the other day and really like the look of the MP3 format.
Alister "


03/03/2014, 21:28

"Peace! I love this technique. Is there a formal training/certificate I can acquire through study?

Hello Minister Ora Nance,
Good question! I hold classes in Europe and the USA. In 2014 I teach in Budapest and Prague in May and June, and the USA in August. Both AFT and A4M trainings will be presented in Philadelphia, PA in two consecutive 4 day hands-on seminars August 23-30. These intensive seminars teach why and how these techniques work and provide participants with the energetic tools to heal the Mind and the Body. A4M (Acupuncture for the Mind) is AFT's brother technology. It does for the Mind what AFT does for the body. All physical problems begin in the Mind. To get healthy you need AFT. To stay healthy you need A4M.

If you are interested in information about the seminars email ebert@comcast.net or call 610-664-8053."


09/10/2013, 00:48



07/25/2013, 06:26

"Dear Dr Ebert,

Thank you so much for the AFT protocols online. They have been life saving and have helped me through some very difficult times. I am eternally grateful.

Kind regards,

Rubina (UK resident)"

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